Wet Copper Armour

One of the many Craigs
Note: Please don't reference my full name in connection with LJ - I want to be free with what I write and not have to worry about it turning up in searches. Sadly it's an increasing problem especially when looking for work.

I'm always bewildered, occasionally amusingly so (see: "Brittany". No, that's not someone's name in this case.). Love people who can laugh at themselves, and occasionally manage to live up to that ideal myself.

I cohabit with two cats and two friends in a lovely place in East Perth, where the roses bloom...

Preferred colour: Deep green.
RGB (0,105,62) @ sRGB
L*a*b* (38,-39,16)

Inclined toward mad fits of enthusiasm about outdoor things I do too little of these days. Occasionally vanish to New Zealand to return happier, lighter, and incapable of talking about anything else for a while. Can't shut up about sailing. Frequently and gleefully squidnapped.

Absolutely guaranteed to agree to any trip involving sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, or the opportunity for nice walks. Afflicted with a hopeless love of lakeside beaches. Tend to grin in delight at weather that has most running for cover. Adore lying under a tent fly or corrugated iron roof listening to heavy rain.

Always looking for victims to drag out sailing. It's fun. Honest.

Once known as the "insane multicoloured kiwi". I miss you guys.

Met one of my very closest friends while "not on a camp".
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