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Kill me mk II - Glandular Fever
Throat infection day 4 Glandular Fever. Kill me. I get 2 hours pain-reduced sleep from ibuprofen, 1 hour from paracetamol. Yes, it's safe to interleave them, for which I'm eternally grateful. You wouldn't think something like this would be so spectacularly, unrelentingly painful.

There's a rent inspection today, and I've been good for nothing much, so Molly's been slaving away heroically on the garden (since the property manager has a real thing about it) and the house. Thankfully we both did a lot of housework before her 30th, but that doesn't mean there's not plenty to do. She's been amazing, and has repeatedly shooed me inside when I stagger out to try to help. Being so stoic about it all and looking out for me at the same time - well, I'm sure impressed.

Why do property managers think that every rent inspection has to be to exit inspection grade? C'mon, people live here. I don't begrudge the expectation of cleanliness, but find it highly annoying that they feel they can judge your life in terms of how you arrange your living space and possessions, etc. Does it affect the property its self? No? Then it's not your business. Admittedly in shared living environments sometimes rent inspections can be a useful external motivator, and in this case it can be handy for them to be picky about things well beyond their concern, but that's a bit of an odd case.

It's particularly irritating because I like to keep a pretty neat, clean house. OK, in this case there's one room which is a notable exception (storage) but by and large things are pretty good. I wouldn't feel the need to clean up if friends were dropping by or anything; I'm happy with how I live, I keep the property in good condition, and I keep it clean.

Why the hell do these people go wiping white-gloved fingers in the oven?

I guess most inspections are conducted as if they were exit inspections in Perth partly because of the very high turnover of tenants - which is in turn partly caused by high rent increase rates. They figure you'll probably be out soon enough anyway. It's also just an attitude thing; I've been talking to folks who say that even in Sydney property manager attitudes aren't uniformly this bad. By all reputes if one was to go to mainland Europe one wouldn't even recognise property managers as the same breed - and might mistake them for human!

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Sorry to hear about your sicknesses (throat infection and rent inspection).

Yeah, I have found property inspectors to be way strict. It's stupid. I agree with you, if it's not damaging the building any way it shouldn't matter. One time I had a property inspector complain that a room wasn't 'neat'. What does 'neat' have to do with the value or condition of a property? As long as it's clean then it shouldn't matter.

Ahem. Sorry, it's a topic that gets my goat.

I so love not having to deal with all that anymore. I find that I am more motivated about keeping a clean and neat house and garden than I ever have been because it's actually MY house and garden now. I never realised how temporary renting felt. Because they can choose to take a house away from you at a moment's notice I never felt really settled in a rental. After 12 years of renting it is so nice to be able to plant roots.

Hmm... I went kind of rambly there. I hope you get better soon, and I hope your rent inspections suck less!

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