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Wow. Now I know what the apocalypse would feel like.
( First: Anyone who needs help with storm damage, please call and ask if you see this. Be warned that the storms are not over according to the BOM. )

It hailed inside the office today. Big, plum-sized hail stones smashing through the skylights and bouncing around the office, followed by an incredible torrent of rain. I got hailed on indoors while running around trying to get things covered up.

It rained in the server room, too. That's going to be exciting tomorrow, even though I think I got everything covered up and unplugged in time.

At the peak of the storm, hail was stripping the trees of leaves and absolutely shredding them. It was an incredible rain of green and white accompanied by a world-ending roar. Quite something.

Many of the cars near the office look like they've been attacked with a ball-peen hammer - absolutely covered with pea-sized dents, windscreens cracked, wing mirrors smashed. Well, once you wipe enough shredded foliage off them to see them as anything more than green-and-white mounds sitting in the lake that was the car park.

The road outside the office is in a low point in Shenton Park, and flooded thigh-deep. It was covered with floating wreckage, shredded leaves, and a carpet of white hailstones, and looked downright incredible with a river of hail and water flowing into it from down the hill.

The hail piled a good foot high around the corners of all the walls, too.

Oh, and for those of you who know of my curse: Yes, my phone got wet, as is traditional if I or Molly are on holiday for any reason. Amazingly, it still works. In my defense, it did get wet when I got drenched to the bone by indoor rain, so it's not like I went SCUBA diving with it this time.

I love storms. I can't help but grin and go all bouncy. Even though this one is going to be a nightmare tomorrow, it's still just awesome. Glad I wasn't out walking in it, though, given that an hour beforehand I'd been walking for an hour or so sweating in the awful heat.

Some scary quotes from the BoM:

Hail to 6 centimetres in diameter was reported from Wembley at 4:00pm and
golf-ball sized hail was reported from Craigie at 3:50pm.

Cunderdin Airfield recorded a wind gust of 128 kilometres per hour at 7:14pm.
Ocean Reef recorded a wind gust of 120 kilometres per hour at 3:48pm.

Wanneroo has recorded 63mm of rain between 3:00pm and 5:00pm.

(Wembley is just up the road from work - and I'm pretty sure the rain was at the same sort of 5cm-in-two-hours levels too).

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And you were all 'walking on the beach in thunderstorms is fun'. In this instance, I beg to differ. Also, see you tomorrow?

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