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Night diving rocks. Way less disorienting than I expected and awesome fun. Saw a nice big barracuda, sea urchins out and feeding, all the coral polyps open to feed. Sweet stuff.

It really shows that Koh Tao isn't a marine reserve. Compared to Ningaloo it's dead and in particular there's not much larger fish life. Coral damage is also apparent, probably due to high boating and diving activity plus fishing - and careless divers. I don't feel great about indirectly being a part of that damage, though I'm certainly not careless when diving and don't do direct damage.

Thinking of doing some enriched air dives now I've improved my air consumption a little.

Haven't done much but dive here so far. Today's going to be quieter so I figure I'll hire a pushbike and cruise around a bit.

We've had a couple of strong rain squalls recently. The squalls are incredible to be out in - they come out of nowhere and drench the place with rain driven by sudden gusts that then just vanish leaving the place saturated but peaceful again. Going diving in one was awesome. It pushed the dive boat around so hard we ran aground against some rocks (oops) and all had to stand on one side of the boat so the captain could maneuver it off the rocks ;-) . Then for the dive we had to swim hard to the bow of the boat and hang on to the anchor line because the wind and the surface current it created was pushing us back quite quickly. Going from that wild surface with the rain pelting down on you to the unchanged peace only a couple of meters under the water was amazing - and flipping over to look up at the rain-thrashed chop above was more so. Very cool.

As well as the diving, I'm loving the freedom to do my own thing, not have to plan much or in detail, the flexibility to occasionally change my mind without fuss or upset, and the ability to just go and do things. Paul and I can sort things out so painlessly - it's frickin' sweet. Hell, we only have the one room key and we're both out different places much of the day, but it's proved easy to handle mostly because neither of us stress about it. We just get on with it - and neither of us are going to be hugely pissed if we can't get into the room for a couple of hours either; we can just go do stuff for a bit. I'm absolutely loving it. I can feel myself relaxing and unwinding, though a few things are still stressing/worrying me some.


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